PreTeen/Teen Menstrual Workshop

I will be networking with several different agencies/individuals to bring my PreTeen/Teen Moon Journey Menstrual Workshop to Chattanooga! Our young ladies are in need of body positivity with proper education & celebration around their menstrual cycles.

In this workshop Coming of Age Girls will learn:

  • The release of negative associations made with monthly menstruation

  • Appreciation for the natural cycles of life reflected within the female experience

  • Physiology of the Uterus

  • Daily/Monthly practices to celebrate and embrace the sacredness of the body

  • Self love & Body appreciation

  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle in relation to the seasons and the moon

  • Mindful practices to embrace & celebrate their female intuition and body

  • How daughters and mothers (or other female family members) can grow stronger in their bond as well as with other women in their “inner circle”

  • Menstrual product options currently on the market - each one will be presented and explained

If you are a part of a group that would like me to hold this workshop, please contact me or go to the “Contact Me” link on the website and place an inquiry.

6 girl minimum & 12 girl maximum for each group.

Minimum Age Requirement: 9

I am so excited to bring this service to our Chattanooga community & provide a positive impact for our girls!

Tessa Cadet