Celebration is Key

After speaking with women within my community and within my sister circles in regards to their first periods - they all had close to the same story - it was one of shame, hurt, and embarrassment. My story was one in the same - no fundamentally knowledge to pull from other than what was given to me when I was pulled into a classroom with all the other 4th grade girls to watch an “educational” video on menstruation. Maybe we knew of our friends that had older sisters - or what our mothers mentioned to us as we neared the age of our menses. However, there is an alarming not only lack of understanding our bodies biologically, but also of the sacred act of bleeding once a month. From a young age we are socially taught to hide our cycle, see it as an enemy, and therefore we wage a life-long war against our bodies due to the negative perspective our society has given us. Who is it that we are hiding it from? Why are we hiding it? It took me 30 years and two children to begin to love my body, my cycle, and all the wisdom and beauty that it encapsulated. Why did it take that long? I believe we have not been given the resources nor the inherited ritualism surrounded the ancient act of menstruating. What if we saw our cycles as magical? What if we found out they aided us in our creativity and insight? What if we celebrated the onset of Coming of Age with a gathering of sisterhood, shared-knowledge and wisdom, story-telling, gifts, and love? How different would we have viewed our bodies and our role as women? I don’t need to guess - I know and have witnessed the difference! We can change the tides. We can bring back the honor and sacredness surrounded menstrual cycles through shared knowledge, celebration, and empowerment. Women all over the world are beginning to wake up within their conscience through gather in circle and remembering age-old wisdom - it is now our responsibility to pass this onto the next generation so that they no longer feel the need to be in hiding. It is time to come out from the darkness of shame and guilt and take our rightful place on our thrones as life-giving entities that are meant to be honored with the highest regard and respect. Journey with me into this calling whether it be in your house, your family, or your community. Rise-up sisters ~ the time is now.

Tessa Cadet