5 Signs You May Need a Vaginal/Yoni Steam

Taken from Steamy Chick and written by Keli Garza

We've all heard that the the uterus is self-cleansing--it's called a period, right? But just like any organ of the body, sometimes it doesn’t always do its job the way it’s supposed to. Here are some key signs that yester-month gunk didn't get all the way cleaned up. 

#1 Cramps

Similar to labor, if the uterus needs to get something out, it will contract. Although menstrual cramps are normally a lot less severe than labor cramps, they are a sign that something is stuck. Sometimes this might be old dried blood stuck to the walls or there might be a clot. Doing a vaginal steam a couple days prior to the period with cleansing herbs such as white sage and lavender can help to loosen up anything that might be stuck in the uterus and can greatly decrease, if not entirely eliminate, cramps.

#2 Brownish Menses at the Onset or Conclusion of the Period

Sometimes periods begin or end with brownish blood. Just like any blood, if it gets old it turns brown. So that brownish stuff is a sign that there is old blood that didn’t clean out all the way. Women whose periods continue this way for an extended time can end up with blocked fallopian tubes, unexplained infertility or endometriosis. If the period begins with brownish blood that’s a sign that last month the uterus didn’t get a full cleanse. If it ends with brownish blood that’s a sign that there wasn’t a full cleanse during this period. For periods that begin with brown it’s a good idea to steam prior to the period. For periods that end on brown, after the period.

#3 Clots

Just like anywhere else in the body, menstrual blood clots are a sign of poor circulation. Whether they are small, large, consist of fresh or old menses, they’re all a sign that the circulation was slower than it was supposed to be and the blood was able to clot up and get stuck. For periods with clots in them, it’s a good idea to steam before and after the period for two or three consecutive months in a row until they no longer appear in the menstruation. The first period after steaming might have more clots as they clear out, but the next few months these will get fewer until they disappear entirely. 

#4 Postpartum Contractions

Women often have contractions after delivering baby. This happens because the uterus is getting rid of pregnancy matter it no longer needs and it contracts to help move the process along. Sometimes these contractions continue for an extended period of time. This is a sign that something is stuck and it can put the postpartum mom at risk of infection. For postpartum women who have extended contractions after the first couple days, doing a vaginal steam helps to fully cleanse the uterus and, in turn, resolves the contractions.

#5 Heavy Flow

If a woman has signs that something is stuck in the uterus (cramping, oldish brown blood, clots, dry blood chips) in combination with heavy bleeding, then it is likely that her body is trying to help get rid of whatever is stuck by flushing it out with blood. Unfortunately, such heavy blood loss is usually accompanied by headaches, fatigue and really emotional periods. Over time it can also put a woman at risk for anemia. In this instance, vaginal steaming can help to reduce the heaviness of the period once the old residue clears out. This can often happen in one to two cycles steaming before and after the period.

In any of the above situations, vaginal steaming is a safe, gentle, effective way for a woman to help her uterus clean itself out before further complications arise. 


About the Author

Keli Garza has a Masters degree in International Development graduating cum laude. When Garza founded the company Steamy Chick--the largest distributor of vaginal steam supplies in the United States--Garza began to work with her customers to research their results with vaginal steaming. Having recorded over seven hundred case studies, Garza holds the only known research database on vaginal steaming. Learning from her customer's experiences she developed unique vaginal steam treatment protocols for different conditions becoming a skillful practitioner able to treat a wide array of women's health concerns. Based on her practice Garza is now founding a new field of women's medicine called Peristeam Hydrotherapy--the use of vaginal steaming for menstrual and reproductive health. She has certified over one hundred practitioners worldwide through her Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute and is conducting clinical studies which will help to establish vaginal steaming as an evidence-based medical science. 

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