Moon Journey Bracelet - Dream

Moon Journey Bracelet - Dream


This bracelet will allow you to reconnect with your menstrual cycle by allowing you to track fertility, avoid pregnancy, or maintain awareness of which phase of the lunar cycle you are currently in.

How It Works: Based on a 28 Day Cycle - Your charm will begin on your first day of your period (purple larger stone). You will move the charm each day of your period. If you have a shorter period than 7 days, start on whichever day will reflect your natural length of period. As you move the charm, it will lead you into your fertility days (lava stone) and the average day of ovulation (day 14) is indicated by a gold embellished large bead. Once through your fertility days, you will then be lead into your infertility days (gold bead).

Did you know- Your menstrual cycle is directly related to the lunar phases of the moon?

Menstruation: Full Moon

Pre-Ovulation: Waxing Moon

Ovulation: New Moon

Post-Ovulation: Waning Moon

Our emotional, physical, and spiritual state is often reflected in these specific phases of the moon. To learn more, please look for upcoming Moon Journey Workshops!

You can wear this beautiful bracelet on a daily basis, keep in your purse, or even on your night stand next to your bed. It makes for a precious “Coming-of-Age” gift for young girls as they experience their first menstrual bleeding or the perfect Bridal Gift to track fertility.

Materials: 100% Authentic Gemstones (Except Gold metal bead & Lava Rock)

-6 mm Gold Metal Bead, 8mm Amethyst bead, 6mm Lava Rock, Gold plated dividers, 18k Gold Plated Clasp, Crystal String

Based on Average Size: 18cm - 7 1/8 in

*Each bracelet may vary by coloration of bead and movable charm. Please allow 3-5 business days to ship out.

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