See What She Is Saying!

It is women like YOU who believe in this mission while journeying beside me that make WWGG possible! Thank you for all your support & wisdom - I would absolutely love to hear from you!

  • “Tessa created an amazing, welcome Women’s Circle event. I felt pampered and appreciated. She really knew her stuff and knew how to make a group of total strangers feel comfortable enough to share just about anything. Looking forward to attending more events with her.” - Sara Apgar

  • “OMG I love these pads! Feels like I’m just wearing regular underwear…THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I teach dance for a living, my full-time job and I was afraid because I move so much at work these would not work. I thought tampons were my only option. Not true! I danced tonight and the pads you mailed me are so much better to dance in!!!!” - Denise

  • “ I love mine!! They’re so comfy and I love saving the money and time on disposables. Thank you so much!” - Swtlovelyjess (IG) Cloth Menstrual Pads

  • “If you have the opportunity to circle with WWGG, you won’t regret gifting yourself those hours!” - Tish E.

  • “I have some (cloth pads) from WWGG and they are AWESOME!!! Love Tessa Cadet!” - Mari S.

  • “Really enjoyed the passion she brings to her circles! Very organized and prepared! Fulfilling and enriching. Cannot wait for the next one! Products are also quality - sage bundles have a great smell - Great Business! Highly recommend!” - Ashlee H.

  • “I have a set of these (cloth pads from WWGG) and they are THE best I’ve ever tried. Not bulky at all and really absorb well.” - Mysti B.

  • “Tessa’s display of love & care through her chosen crafted products is unmatched - everything she does is from the heart. I would HIGHLY recommend her workshops for teens and women, blessing circles & sacred sister circles. I have attended several and even in a room full of strangers, I felt apart of something awesome!” - Kailan M.

  • “Tessa’s Sacred Circles are so fulfilling & nurturing & comfortable! Highly recommended!” - Linds P.

  • “I highly recommend WWGG! Her pads are so comfortable and don’t slip like a lot of pads I’ve tried! Plus they are really cute patterns and make me so happy every time I use one. Her packaging is extremely earth friendly and Tessa is just the sweetest person to deal with!” - Denise M.

  • “I’ve been attending red tents and sister circles across Tennessee for a few years now, and although each gathering’s value is immeasurable (due to the energy brought by lovely women who sit together) WWGG provides an entirely unique element to this sacred concept. Tessa’s attention to detail is unmatched. Her authentic, non-judgemental, open-hearted approach instantaneously creates a welcoming space where each participant can truly settle in and share from the heart. She seems to be a woman who has walked many roads and can therefore connect to each guest quickly and easily. She is passionate about about personal growth and lifting up the feminine, and the love she feels for her sisters flows through the room.” - Tish E.