Moon Journey

A guided journey to bring young girls and all who identify as girls & women, a renewed understanding of their menstrual cycle in relation to the moon. On this journey, we will cultivate a more intimate integration of mind and body to our menstrual cycles through education, mindful practices, and celebration!

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Moon Journey: Individual

On this journey women will come together into sacred space to enter into an intimate relationship with their menstrual cycle. By creating meaningful rituals around her moon time, women will be able to tap into their creative power, embrace their intuition, and balance work-life and self-care.  

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Spiritual & Mindful practices to plug in and embrace your female intuition

  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle in relation to the moon

  • The 4 phases of the seasons in relation to menstruation and a woman's life cycle

  • How to recognize when you are functioning in Feminine & Masculine Energy

  • How to set intentions and release fear through 2 main phases of the moon

  • How to tap into your creative power through your moon cycle

  • Self love & Body appreciation

  • How to create meaningful rituals around your moon time

  • Review current products on the market for menstruation

  • Herbs & Essential Oils + Diet to assist in PMS

**Each Participant will be gifted a sample of women’s organic tea, a journal, and a gift-bag to take home to help celebrate your upcoming Moon time!

Upcoming dates: TBD

Location: TBD


cost: $30.00

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Moon Journey: PreTeen/Teens

On this journey young girls coming into their womanhood will enter into a sacred space to deepen the understanding of the female body while creating a positive relationship with their menstrual cycles.

In this workshop Coming of Age Girls will learn:

  • The release of negative associations made with monthly menstruation

  • Appreciation for the natural cycles of life reflected within the female experience

  • Physiology of the Uterus

  • Daily/Monthly practices to celebrate and embrace the sacredness of the body

  • Self love & Body appreciation

  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle in relation to the seasons and the moon

  • Mindful practices to embrace & celebrate their female intuition and body

  • How daughters and mothers (or other female family members) can grow stronger in their bond as well as with other women in their “inner circle”

  • Menstrual product options currently on the market - each one will be presented and explained

  • The Caregiver/Parent will be in circle with child

Currently Offering this Workshop locally to Chattanooga!

Upcoming DATES: July 21st 2:00-4:30pm (ages 9-13)

Location: 4017 McDonald Rd Apison TN 37302 (12 min. from Hamilton Place mall)

Registration: CLICK HERE

Cost: $30.00

If interested in collaboration or bringing this workshop to your organization or homeschool co-op, please contact me or send me an inquiry through the contact page - thank you!

Minimum Age Requirement: 9

Minimum Group Size: 6

Maximum Group Size: 12

All individuals will be placed on a list and I will contact all parties once the list reaches 6-8.