MoonTime Bath Blend

MoonTime Bath Blend


MoonTime Bath Blend

(Can be used during any phase of your cycle but best used while menstruating).

This botanical bath blend with Matcha Green Tea Epsom Salt - was specifically crafted for our menstrual cycles. I chose a blend of

  • Pineapple Sage: Relieves mental fatigue and stress. Also used for anxiety and depression.

  • Lavender: Aromatherapy as well as an anti-inflammatory - this herb has multiple benefits for our wombs and body while on our womb-cleanse.

  • Red Raspberry Leaf: This herb is known for purification of skin and blood. Often used for painful Periods with its antioxidant effects.

  • Rose Buds: With its high concentration of vitamin C - this herb is great for our skin, healing ability, and detoxification.  

  • Calendula: Has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes skin, rashes, and scars

  • Matcha Green Tea: Full of antioxidants - it provides anti-aging benefits along side its energy-boosting abilities.

Directions: Steep Herbs in water before adding them to your bath or keep some in the bag and let it float around with you! This blend was inspired to help you relax and enjoy your week of rest while menstruating!

**Use 2 tsps each bath - good for 5-6 cycles/baths.

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