Bridal Blessing Circle

A beautiful afternoon surrounded by up to 10 sisters closest to the Bride to Be - will gather in circle to honor and bless her as she prepares for the day of her wedding and transition into the next stage of her journey: becoming a wife. This day will be filled with nourishing foods & tea, connection, ceremony, and celebration!

Package Includes:

  • Deluxe Platters filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, crackers, & cheese

  • Nourishing Crafted Tea

  • Vintage Eclectic Tea Cups & Dishware

  • Styled Circle Space

  • Facilitated Sacred Sister Circle & Ceremony

  • Individualized gift bags for Bride to Be & Guests

  • Polaroid Camera with 1 roll of film

35.00 Per Woman - Min of 6 women (Including Bride to Be) Maximum of 10

Add On Options:

  • WWGG Custom Invitations - PDF: 8.00

  • WWGG Custom Invitations - Printed: 15.00

making flower wreath.jpg

At A Glance:

  • The morning of the event - the guest of honor may want a few of her closest sisters to pamper her, decorate her hair with flowers, braid her hair or maybe she lets her hair down free and flowing~ Wear clothes and jewelry that make you feel beautiful and adorned - perhaps you wear a flowing white dress or let your bare feet connect with the earth - this is your day to shine!

  • Invited women arrive and are greeted with music and a delightful spread of nourishing fruits, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and crafted tea set upon the backdrop of vintage glassware & decor lit by candlelight

  • Once your guests have eaten, they will take their seat in the circle on plush cushions around a beautiful hand crafted mandala of flowers, crystals, and other natural elements

  • With the sound of the drum, Sacred Circle will commence!

  • We will cleanse the space with Sage infused with botanical elements and your tribe of sisters will leave all outside worries and enter into sacred space ready to offer their love, guidance, and support to the Bride to Be.

  • While in circle, we will eat chocolate & partake in creating a chosen hand-crafted item that each sister will be able to take home with them as a token to remember this special day.

  • We will close the circle & complete the celebration with story-telling, wishes, and a blessing song to take with her as she journeys into this next transition of life!

Activity Options:

All activity items will be hand-crafted by the women who attend and are able to be taken home as gifts from the Blessing Circle. Please choose 1 of the following:

  • Floral/Crystal Sage Bundle - 10.00 per person

  • Flower Crown Workshop - 15.00 per person

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