7 Day On-Line Sexual Embodiment Workshop

7 Day On-Line Sexual Embodiment Workshop


7 Day On-Line Sexual Embodiment Workshop

“You’re sexual. You’re soulful. You’re emotional. You’re magic. You’re both light and the dark. You’re human. Don’t deny any aspects of who you are. A healthy soul is a whole soul!”

15 Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and shades will come along for a powerful 7 Day Journey together where we will immerse in softening and letting go of our pre-acquired false notions of what sexuality is supposed to look like and function like. This disconnection has been gathered over time from having virtually no instruction, guidance, or safe space to embrace this VERY important part of self. As a result, many people experience a split between sexuality, spirituality, and connection in their lives.

This 7-Day Workshop is about radical self-love & self-acceptance. Our bodies have thousands of ways to communicate to us…but are we listening? There is a VAST difference between being sexual and being intimate—but what are they? Which one is craving the most attention in our lives and our relationships?

Some women are searching for a deeper connection to self and/or their partner - this workshop will be guiding you in embodiment practices as well as different tools that you can use to support your practice. We will have journal prompts, truth sharing, simple homework assignments to help you go deeper into your practice in private, as well as sisterhood!

Workshop will include:

  • Meeting LIVE on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday in Private Facebook Group for 1.5-2 hours (If you can’t make one of the LIVE sessions, that ok! I will place all homework, resources in the private group for you to locate them!)

  • Embodiment Practices & Tools that every single woman will be given the chance to participate in

  • Homework assignments that correlate with the evening’s teachings and discussion

  • 1 day between meetings to engage and put into practice the tools being taught at your leisure as well as recording any significant experiences

  • Participating in Circle - each gal will be given a chance to talk about their experiences & share their truths. It is never required but highly encouraged.

  • Journal Reflection

  • Meditation practice paired with breathwork

  • Body Movement & Music

  • 15% off of All Yoni Eggs, Waist Beads, V-Steam Herbs for all participants

  • Invited to join our Private Group: Where The Wild Women Grow where continued support, education, shared experiences, and celebration takes place!

Location: On-Line

Time: M, W, F, Sun On-line LIVE Meeting starts at 7:30pm (EST)

Date: November 18th-24th


Upon Purchase - you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours with the name of the Private FB Group as well as any additional details about the workshop. All participants will be given the opportunity to purchase a Yoni Egg before this workshop. It is not necessary to purchase one however you may find this workshop heightened in experience if you pair it with all that you will learn!

Note: Please make sure you have strong internet connection and you may want to consider having a pair of headphones if needed.

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