Womb-Wisdom: An Embodiment Workshop - September 21st

Womb-Wisdom: An Embodiment Workshop - September 21st


::Womb-Wisdom: An Embodiment Workshop:::

“You’re sexual. You’re soulful. You’re emotional. You’re magic. You’re both light and the dark. You’re human. Don’t deny any aspects of who you are. A healthy soul is a whole soul!”

Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and shades come along for a powerful 3 hour immersion in softening and letting go of our pre-acquired false notions of what sexuality is supposed to look like and function like. This disconnection has been gathered over time from having virtually no instruction, guidance, or safe space to embrace this VERY important part of self. As a result, many people experience a split between sexuality, spirituality, and connection in their lives .

This workshop is about radical self-love & self-acceptance. Our bodies have thousands of ways to communicate to us…but are we listening? There is a VAST difference between being sexual and being intimate—but what are they? Which one is craving the most attention in our lives and our relationships?

Some women are searching for a deeper connection to self and/or their partner - this workshop will be guiding you in embodiment practice as well as yoga, journal prompts, truth sharing, and sisterhood that will set you on a journey of self-discovery and breakthroughs!

Workshop will include:

  • A gorgeous, private, candle-lit, botanically embellished yoga space

  • 30 minute Sister Circle Segment - Facilitated by Tessa Cadet of Where The Wild Garden Grows & Marlee Elaine of Insight for Life.

  • 30 minutes of gentle/restorative yoga techniques lead by Certified Yoga Instructor Emily Hartford (NO previous yoga experience required)

  • 30 minute Embodiment Segment

  • A mid-break that will include Items available for purchase from the Wild Garden Shop - Yoni Eggs, Cloth Pads, Waist-Beads, Womb-Tea, Menstrual Bracelets, MoonTime Necklaces, Yoni-Steam Blends, Sage Bundles, MoonTime Bath Blends & the chance to ask any and ALL questions related to Yoni & Womb wellness!

  • Red & White Wine & Sensuous snacks to celebrate our liberation!

  • Botanical Tea (Please bring your own mug)

  • (OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) - I’m encouraging every woman to dress sensually for this event. This could be lingerie, a flowy dress, or even, a sensual attitude/energy. Feel free to wear a kimono or robe as you settle in!

  • All Yoga Mats , circle cushions will be provided. All you need to bring is a bottle of water, an open heart, and YOU just as you are <3

Yoga Insight From Emily:

True courage is being vulnerable, being seen, showing up fully yourself - no mask, no acting. Using the foundations of yoga asana - movement, stillness and breathing - we practice present moment awareness. When we live in the present moment, we connect more fully with ourselves and others. Moving together in a way that praises our own bodies and the bodies of others, we begin to heal. We can move, play, laugh, dance and love more freely. We accept ourselves as we are, in each moment. This yoga practice will encourage us all to move in a way that feels good, embrace our sexuality, and be playful!

Location: The Retreat at The Wellness Corner 6237 Vance Rd Suite #8, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Date: September 21st, 2019

**Ticket must be purchased before the event - no walk-ins

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